Dr Arya is a proactive writer on varied topics in the vast field of yoga.

He regularly published his post on yoga sutras and other classical texts in the blog section of this site. 

Dr Somveer Arya is an accomplished author with 3 books already running into 2nd edition – You can buy his books here – Buy books

Along with numerous short style articles published in various media (online and offline), below mentioned are a few of his research papers published as part of this vision of spreading proper knowledge from the keen eyes of a Yogi.

Research papers published in international publications:

  • International Transactions in Humanities and social science[ ISSN-2231-4725]
    July- December.2014, volume-6,no-2,pp- 57-62
  • Shodh Pragya  [ISSN; 2347-9892]          June- 2016 sr. no. 34, page 197-204
  • Vedanjali          [ ISSN- 2349-364X]        July- December 2016. sr no . 19, page no. 75-79
  • Shabdarnava   [ ISSN- 2395-5104 ]        July- December 2016, sr no. 09. page no. 27-29
  •  Vedanjali         [ ISSN- 2349-364X]        July- December 2017, sr no. 13, page no. 59-64
  • Shabdarnava   [ ISSN- 2395-5104]         July- December 2017, sr no. 12. page no. 40-43