Dr. Somveer Arya, Ph.D. is a veteran in the field of yoga with over 15 years of experience.

As a knowledge seeker, Dr. Arya is:

  • M.A. (Yoga) from USU Haridwar,
  • Ph.D. Yog [ Comparative study between Yogsutra & Geeta ] from Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar.

He has published more than 12 research papers on Yog in National/ International seminar/ workshops, research journals.

He is also an active guide to many students pursuing their MA(Yoga) and PG(Yoga) courses in various universities. You can find him answering and clearing the doubts of students at odd hours.

Currently, he is Ph.D. guide on board of two Universities in India.

Dr. Arya is currently a visiting faculty at UGC as a yoga expert. Till now more than 60 hours of videos have been uploaded by UGC where he explains concepts as well as answers the doubt, live on the show. You can access them here.

He has led more than 5000 group classes, workshops, and regular batches.

Dr. Arya is also a Yoga Certification Scheme impaneled Lead Examiner. He has detailed knowledge about intricate scheme documentation and also provides guidance for the same.

Fondly called the ‘humble one’ by his students, Dr. Somveer has been deputed by ICCR as yoga and cultural teacher in Atlanta (USA). As a yoga and cultural teacher, he will be leading the courses, classes, and overall cultural programs related to yoga for the next 2 years.

Along with his current projects, Dr. Somveer is also an established writer. He has already published one book, with a run of 5000 and the other one 10,000 run is in final stages of editing.


You can contact Dr. Somveer using contact page here.